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Experienced Design Professionals Engineering For Tomorrow’s Needs. Serving Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan for more than 56 years.

About AMSCO Engineering + Cx

Since 1968 AMSCO Engineering has been dedicated to providing our clients with a broad spectrum of building engineering and design engineering services. Our staff of over twenty professionals aims to provide solutions that exceed specific project requirements while working within the project’s’ timeline and budget.

Each member of AMSCO’s design team is committed to personal involvement in every project. Our engineers begin each project with a firm understanding of our clients’ needs and specifications, then engineer a solution that meets the goals of both the owner and the building occupants. Each project that we take on is seen through from the design process to building occupancy and beyond to systems support and future renovations. AMSCO Engineering Inc. are experienced design professionals, engineering for tomorrow’s needs.

To assure that AMSCO stays on the cutting edge of industry standards and new developments, we continue to be proud members of the most respected engineering organizations and standards makers.

The Commissioning Team

Daniel Wesley, P.E. + CxA

Professional Engineer

“I am excited to be part of the worthwhile commissioning process with how it provides the building owners, design team and construction team an avenue of completion that is verified to operate as the design team intended and as the owner desires.”

Brandon Wesley, CxA

Mechanical Designer

“The most important aspects of working with the commissioning and construction teams are knowledge and mutual respect. Both of which enable us to build professional relationships that allow us to work as a team to ensure all issues are resolved. At AMSCO our top priority is having the owners’ best interest in mind; with our main objective being to turn the building over with the systems running as designed.”

Michael Wesley, CxAP + GCxP

Mechanical Designer

“I believe that the most important aspect of successful commissioning is establishing a cohesive environment between the contractors, owners, MEP designers, and commissioning agent in which all voices are heard. With this cooperation, any problem can be solved.”

Robert Gratsy, P.M.P.

Project Management Professional

Experience as Senior Manager, Site Superintendent, Foreman, Estimator and Journeymen Electrician. Worked in Electrical Construction Industries for 40+ years.

The Design Team

Dale Johnson, P.E.

Chief Electrical Engineer

“Understand the project, get it right the first time.”

Daniel McCurdy, EIT

Chief Mechanical Engineer

“My goal is to provide the Owner and the Architect the best possible systems for the particular project. The best system is not always the most or least costly solution – it is a balance of aesthetics, initial cost, life-cycle cost and maintainability.”

Mark Kelly, P.E.

Professional Mechanical Engineer

“With my wide variety of work experiences and education I feel it is my responsibility to the client that I use my comprehensive view of systems applications and provide an all-encompassing design solution that properly fits the functionality of a particular building.”

Steve Bremer, P.E.

Professional Mechanical Engineer

“I look at every project as a unique challenge to meet the growing demands for energy efficiency. After thoroughly investigating the needs of a client I provide cost-effective solutions through creativity, innovation and utilizing newer technologies into the design process.”

Joe Benoit

Mechanical Engineer

“Experience and education are the fundamental start to a good design. It is the ability to understand and incorporate the client’s desires and well as meet the facility’s requirements that make a design great.”

James Rowden, EIT

Mechanical Engineer

“Staying educated about the ever changing landscape of design, and a thorough understanding of what a client desires, is fundamental in being able to give clients exactly what they are looking for in their spaces. A job is not complete until the owner is satisfied and all concerns have been addressed.”

Tim Connor

Mechanical Designer

“I enjoy designing and supporting building systems for the public. “

Cliff Mottl

Electrical Engineer

“Electricity is the magic that makes life easier.”

Kevin Rathbun

Electrical Engineer

“Engineering the future, one circuit at a time.”

Sivich Ly

Electrical Designer

“Providing a fast response to all customers is a key component to our business. Even the best of efforts in design engineering requires quick follow-up to issues before, during and after construction.”

Corey Daun

Electrical Designer

“Always strive to make your next project your best work.”

Diego Nava

Electrical Designer

“Trust & verify, the stakes are great”

The Support Team


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