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Lighting systems is an ever-changing field of engineering and it has become an integral component of AMSCO Engineering + Cx’s designs. Lighting engineers are concerned with color rendition, energy conservation, and glare control.

Lighting Engineering Services

Lighting engineering is 50% science and 50% art/architecture. It can be purely functional or provide a bridge between function and beautiful design. Today, the choices in lighting are immense. LEDs have changed the art of lighting from simple linear forms to unimaginable diversity. Linear, curves, point sources, simple rings, tiered rings, fabrics, integral acoustic dampening, infinite light colors, super high color rendering, simulated windows, and skylights, etc.. In addition to fixture choices, lighting controls has gone digital. Dimming, once a luxury and difficult to implement, is simple and economical down to 1%. LEDs used to dim in a non-natural way, now dim-to-warm mimics the incandescent light bulb dimming we’re used to. It truly is the golden age of lighting.

The lighting engineer is responsible for balancing complex local and national energy codes, meeting good lighting design criteria, keeping an eye on budget, and providing a functional yet architecturally enhancing design. Also, even though new lighting choices can provide for many years of maintenance free operation, the need to ensure maintainability must be considered. The Chicagoland market is served by many fine lighting fixture representatives and agencies. A close relationship with the industry is a key element of AMSCO Engineering’s successful lighting designs.